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RAB Hopes to Put Posting Debate to Rest

Haley calls it the beginning of a longer process for enhancing radio’s credibility.

On radio’s sales side, much has been written of late about “posting” and “accountability.”

The board of the Radio Advertising Bureau now has passed a resolution on selling and schedule verification. It said this will enhance radio’s accountability to its clients.

It issued recommended selling and schedule verification guidelines “to create a stronger relationship with advertisers and accommodate the diverse and highly targeted nature of the radio industry.”

The board said it hopes its practices proposal [PDF] will put to rest the debate for posting in radio and instead focus “on delivering an outline for sound business principles and practices that will benefit radio’s standing in the media space.”

Jeff Haley is president/CEO of RAB. He said radio will work with clients and the American Association of Advertising Agencies to develop and refine the proposal into a set of business practices.