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RAB: Sales for 2000 Up 12 Percent

RAB: Sales for 2000 Up 12 Percent

Combined local and national sales increased 12 percent in 2000, the Radio Advertising Bureau announced at its annual conference in Dallas Friday morning. Total industry sales almost reached $20 million, nearly double pre-deregulation 1994.
Local revenue increased 12 percent over 1999. National revenue also rose 12 percent over the previous year.
But the year ended on a down note, after a long run of months with growth. The RAB said local revenue for the month of December was down 2 percent and national revenue declined 7 percent.
RAB President Gary Fries said that the year was a “very front loaded year and I think you’ll find that this year will be back loaded.”
Fries believes that “We have seen the bottom of this (economic) slide that we started to see last October and November. With the apparent downturn in the economy, Fries said he is optimistic that radio will fair well.
“Radio has better management and is better prepared for a slowdown.”