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RAB Says Q1 Ad Revenue Was Flat

Communications companies are top spenders

According to the Radio Advertising Bureau’s most recent report, radio’s first quarter was flat at $3.5 billion. The year started out slow, but improvement to spot advertising helped add momentum to the strong performance of digital (+ 9%) and off-air (+5%). See here for the report.

Spot spending by communication/cellular advertisers increased 36% for the quarter, making it number one for the period, with the top 10 overall advertisers including five companies in the category. Also up were financial services (+13%), department/discount stores and shopping centers (+58%) and home furnishings/floor coverings (+6%).

While dollar volume was essentially flat for television/networks/cable providers (-3%) and restaurants (-2%), these were the number two and number four spots; automotive declined 20% to number three.

“Major increases in radio advertising by communications/cellular and financial services went a long way to offset a drop in automotive spending,” said RAB President and CEO Erica Farber. “Additionally, spending is up in the department/discount stores category — reflecting increased confidence among retailers who have experienced radio’s ability to drive traffic and sales.”

Radio’s “Top 10” Q1 advertisers represent TV, communications companies, insurance, grocery stores and car dealers.

  1. 1. Comcast XFinity Cable Service
  2. 2. AT&T
  3. 3. McDonald’s
  4. 4. Sprint
  5. 5. GIECO
  6. 6. T-Mobile
  7. 7. Safeway
  8. 8. MetroPCS
  9. 9. Toyota Dealer Association
  10. 10. Verizon Wireless