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RAB Study: Radio Focused on NTR Growth

RAB Study: Radio Focused on NTR Growth

The Radio Advertising Bureau finds that 51 percent of surveyed stations say NTR has been a part of their strategy for more than five years. Additionally, 90 percent plan to increase those efforts this year.
The organization put out results from its 2005 Non-Traditional Revenue Survey.
RAB says the findings demonstrate a sustained effort in the industry to grow revenue from non-traditional sources. The results also show that more stations turn to NTR each year; 14 percent indicated they pursued NTR for the first time in 2005.
Internet marketing experienced the largest increase among surveyed stations with a 12 percent jump in activity in 2005; while event planning remained in the overall lead, with 94 percent of stations currently engaged in this form of raising nontraditional income. These two categories also are the areas of anticipated NTR growth among the respondents.
Sports marketing was included in the NTR survey for the first time. More than half of the participating stations reported they are involved in some form of sports marketing, and nearly 40 percent plan to increase their efforts this year.