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RAB to Offer Online Course

Program aimed to bring experience to the inexperienced

The Radio Advertising Bureau is offering a new online sales training program, the “Certified Radio Sales Management Course.”

CSRM is modeled on the RAB’s “Improving Sales Managers’ Skill Sets” course.

The online program offers segments of 20 to 25 minutes, covering management, leadership, compensation, inventory, budgeting and other issues familiar to sales professionals. Student performance is tracked and made available to supervisors.

The program also is accessible via Flash-enabled mobile devices such as those based on Droid or Windows Mobile.

In the announcement, VP of Interactive Business Development John Potter said that due to an “intense” sales marketplace, top-billing radio salespeople are often promoted to sales manager with little training or preparation. “The industry has asked us to develop such a course and now we have it online to train and hone critical skills for successful sales management. It is designed for new sales managers as well as those who have not had formal sales management training.”