RAB Wants to Dispel Radio 'Myths'

RAB Wants to Dispel Radio 'Myths'
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The RAB has identified eight issues about radio it says are misunderstood, exaggerated or underestimated. It has sent journalists covering the industry a reference guide and data to support its arguments.
On the topic of ad clutter, RAB summarized several studies indicating that spot loads have been reduced; that consumers perceive TV to have more commercials; that Clear Channel's "Less Is More" has been noticed; and that listeners prefer more frequent and shorter breaks.
Other issues RAB seeks to clarify with journalists include perceptions that radio is "uncool" and not innovative; that it doesn't reach young people; that it's not a "branding medium"; that schedule integrity is a problem; and that listenership is declining disproportionately.
RAB said radio reaches 94% of the population and that the total number of listeners has consistently grown each year; with 25 million new listeners in the past 10 years.