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RADAR Gets Market-by-Market Addition

RADAR Gets Market-by-Market Addition

The next time programmers get the latest RADAR numbers from Arbitron, the report will include radio network information for the top 10 local markets. The ratings company positions this news as a boon to media planners and buyers. It expects to add more local markets, reaching the top 25 by next summer.
The company said that with its December release of the network radio service, access will be available for the RADAR radio networks measured through the Market-by-Market Analysis feature being added to RADAR’s PC2010 software.
“This change makes RADAR the only radio ratings service to offer audience-to-cleared-commercial data at the local market level,” the company said. It expects advertisers will use the tool to evaluate key markets or groups of markets, and help subscribers with spot fill scheduling.
In the past, it said, RADAR was not able to provide clients with audience data for individual markets that take clearances into consideration.
The RADAR sample size has increased from 12,000 to 75,000 in a few years, Arbitron also said.