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RADAR Numbers Are Up Again

Arbitron estimates that 93.2% of the 12+ population listens

U.S. weekly radio listenership is up by 3.3 million people compared to this time last year. So says Arbitron in previewing its latest quarterly RADAR National Radio Listening Report.

It says the number of people ages 12 and up who listen to radio each week is now 239.8 million, or 93.2% of the 12+ population. That compares to 92.5% a year ago.

Also, “radio listening increased year over year across major demographics, with adults aged 18 to 34 showing the biggest gains. Adult aged 18 to 34 weekly radio listeners increased nearly 960,000 in the past year. Adults aged 18 to 49 grew by more than 800,000 and adults aged 25 to 54 gained more than 750,000 in the same period. Meanwhile, teens aged 12 to 17 continue to embrace radio broadcasts with an average weekly increase of 365,000 versus last year’s report.”

The quarterly numbers continued a trend in recent RADAR reports in which radio’s total estimated audience has grown.