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Radial Engineering Acquires Jensen Transformers

Long-time customers acquires respected OEM

Radial Engineering has acquired well-known audio transformer OEM Jensen Transformers. Radial Engineering, maker of audio equipment and musical instrument interfaces has been a user of Jensen transformers since 1992 and was its biggest customer, according to a release.

Jensen owner Bill Whitlock said, “After 25 years and my recent turning 70, I felt the time had come for Jensen to be passed along to a younger generation.” He noted that Radial and Jensen had a long and profitable relationship, “It only made sense that [Radial Engineering] take the reins.”

Whitlock owned the company since 1989, acquiring it after founder Deane Jensen passed away. Whitlock said he plans to remain around as an advisor and product developer.

Radial Engineering owner Peter Janis said, “When Jensen became available, we felt that the brand was simply too important to the industry and our long term health to end up being purchased by a multinational and made offshore. So far, we have invested a significant amount of money to stabilize delivery and have made a commitment that Jensen be run at arm’s length.”

As an illustration of the two companies’ long relationship, it should be noted that the “J” in Radial’s well-known JDI direct box, stands for “Jensen” (and the Jensen transformers used in its build).

Jensen is also well-known for its Iso-Max line of audio and video isolation modules.