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Radio Ad Revenues Soar

Radio Ad Revenues Soar

The first half of 2000 was healthy for radio, says RAB.
Combined local and national ad revenues from January to June, 2000 were 21% ahead of the same period last year, with local sales 18% higher and national numbers up 31%.
For the month of June, combined local and national figures were 14% higher than the June of last year.
According to PaineWebber Research, June’s radio ad sales data demonstrate that radio continues to outpace most other mass media. PaineWebber estimates TV spot and newspaper advertising are up 8% and broadcast networks’ ad sales are up 11% over the same period last year.
“These results do affirm radio vibrancy,” said PaineWebber analyst Les Westerfield. “Such an uptick in radio pacings stands favorably in contrast to sharp slowing in magazine ad pages and a moderate slowing in local TV spot advertising. In short, radio is performing.”
Laura Dely