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Radio Button Network Starts Management Team

Adam Goodman will serve as the network’s first CEO

Adam Goodman, manager of the nationally-syndicated radio personalities Ace & TJ, has been named president and CEO of the duo’s Radio Button Network.

Ace & TJ, based at WHQC(FM) in Charlotte, N.C., recently launched the Radio Button Network as a radio personality resource service run by talent for talent focusing on “the other 20 hours.” According to a release, the network provides digital content and delivery, direct response, radio syndication and the creation of new inventory. Additionally, the Radio Button Network helps talent and ownership pool their resources to create new revenues for both performers and stations, according to the announcement.

“It was his idea, so who else was going to do it?” said Ace about Goodman’s new position.

Goodman explained, “Digital distribution now opens immediate revenue streams, brand growth and audience interaction the performers and the radio ownership they partner with will both love.”