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Radio Employees Should Talk Up HD-R

Radio Employees Should Talk Up HD-R

“Talk it up!”
That was the advice of the panelists in the Monday session, “HD Radio Seminar: If You Built It, They Will Come.”
While panelists updated attendees on industry efforts to get more HD Radios into stores and increase the amount of stations programming HD2 channels, Peter Ferrara, president/CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance said there are several things stations can do to support the rollout.
That should include on-air promotion, such as mentioning HD Radio in liners and IDs, events and contesting give-aways.
By talking about manufacturers products on the air, more receiver makers will make HD Radios, prices will come down and stations will make money, panelists agreed.
Managers should encourage their employees to visit every car dealership in their area and talk up the technology as well as go to stereo stores and ask to see the HD Radios.
“And when they show them satellite radios (instead) tell them that’s yesterday’s technology,” he advised.