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Radio Enters the Twilight Zone

Radio Enters the Twilight Zone

Do not adjust your radio. A new radio series based on the classic television program “The Twilight Zone” is in the works. Actor Stacy Keach will host the series, produced by Falcon Picture Group LLC, which penned a licensing deal with CBS Enterprises. A host of TV and film stars have signed on to feature in each drama. Falcon has hired science-fiction author Dennis Etchison to adapt Rod Serling’s 23-minute “Twilight Zone” TV scripts into radio format.
One hundred fifty “Twilight Zone” radio dramas are in the works, and will be made available for consumer sales in cassette and CD collections. The programs are scheduled for syndication by Dick Brescia Associates to hundreds of commercial radio stations and The American Forces Radio & Television Service. Original “Twilight Zone” scores will serve as the theme and background music for the series. The Hollywood Edge will supply sound effects. Executive producer is Carl Amari; Richard Wolski is series producer. For more information call Dick Brescia at (212) 370-1130 ext 212.