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Radio Groups Vow to Promote HD Radio

Radio Groups Vow to Promote HD Radio

“Now is the time to step up and promote this technology,” said Jeff Littlejohn as he and several leaders of the nation’s top radio groups appeared at a press conference here in Las Vegas at CES with Ibiquity Digital to say they intend to speed their HD Radio conversions and to promote the technology in their markets by working with CE retailers on events.
Bonneville head Bruce Reese said the transition “is a very important step for all of us,” and noted that new data services capable with HD Radio technology will make people “how they lived without it.”
Radio group executives were strident in their defense of the terrestrial industry’s programming and what HD Radio future HD Radio services such as supplemental audio will offer to listeners.
Radio One EVP/CFO Scott Royster told RW Online that its ironic satellite radio is “poaching” terrestrial talent, referring to the news that XM has now signed Dr. Laura, Tony Kornheiser and G. Gordon Liddy to its lineup. Ironic, because satellite radio often denigrates terrestrial radio programming to boost the profiles of their services.