Radio Is a Hit in Guadalajara

Radio Is a Hit in Guadalajara
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Mexicans spend a higher proportion of time listening to radio than do U.S. residents. That's one of the conclusions of a study done by Arbitron.
"The share of time spent with radio in Guadalajara is greater than in the United States," its study into the use of major media found. "Consumers in Guadalajara spend an average of 52% of their weekday media time with radio, while U.S. consumers spend an average of 44%."
The findings are based on a 1998 survey in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, in collaboration with a broadcasters' association in that market. The company also said time spent with radio was consistent between Guadalajara and Mexico City, suggesting that the study's conclusions apply beyond the city where the research was done.
Other findings: People in Guadalajara use radio far more than any other medium during the day; radio is "enormously popular" with people on the job; and radio performed well in its ability to reach consumers just before they make purchases.
The first batch of results from the study can be seen at


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