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Radio Mitre and La100 Powered by GSelector

User report: RCS used to turn Argentine broadcaster into a multiplatform ‘Anycaster’

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — With more than 85 years in the business, Radio Mitre is reinventing itself in hopes that Radio Mitre and La100 will become the most popular stations on the dial in Argentina.

The goal to grow from broadcast company to “Anycaster” will be achieved shortly. Our business model is based on the mission to provide seamless music distribution while taking into account our listeners’ song preferences and recommendations. With the support of advertising sales, we are committed to keeping our radio channels free from subscription fees.

With RCS’ GSelector’s help, I know we’ll achieve that goal.

Useful tool

Two million people listen to our daily broadcasts, and with the added option to listen online, that number can only grow. The strategic understanding of how the Internet can be used to garner significant listener data and user tastes drove us to create both musical and journalistic channels.

We call them “iRadios” and made a menu of 430 channels of programming. We have 250,000 unique visitors per month now and deliver more than 1,600 million minutes of usage per month.

With the demand for the best from our team, we knew we needed to provide the highest quality tools for our programmers. GSelector from RCS was our unanimous choice. It considers every song for every position, making hundreds of thousands of decisions in a typical scheduling session, which gives us a better log.

We needed an advanced and revolutionary new tool to program and control hundreds of stations on the Internet. GSelector was designed with our needs in mind.

Ruben Corda, our company president, and I came to the NAB Show in Las Vegas five years ago and were impressed with GSelector. When we changed formats, the resolve to make the move to GSelector was an easy decision based on our past experiences with RCS.

RCS Spanish-language technical support Adrian Guanipa and RCS Latin America Manager Horacio Gonzales did the installation and training for our GSelector installation in Buenos Aires. We ripped 100,000 songs from CDs and developed channels with GSelector driving all the formats. Our special programming is enhanced greatly by the schedules that come out of GSelector.

With a superb array of artists, songs and attributes already built into the music-scheduling program, GSelector saves us time. We have been GSelector fans for years and are always excited to see the innovations that come out of RCS.

For information, contact Horacio Gonzales in New York at (914) 428-4600 or visit

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