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Radio Netherlands Steps Up to DRM’s Plate

Radio Netherlands Steps Up to DRM’s Plate

News from the DAB front abroad:
Radio Netherlands will begin live, daily Digital Radio Mondiale broadcasts on June 16 in conjunction with DRM’s inaugural broadcasts event in Geneva, during the International Telecommunications Union’s World Radiocommunication Conference.
Radio Netherlands will broadcast 37 hours per week in English and Dutch, to Australia, New Zealand and target regions in Europe. July 5 to 27 it will air “Radio Tour de France” for four hours per day.
“As a founding member of DRM, Radio Netherlands has been involved in the on-air system’s development from conception to the current test transmissions phase,” said Jan Hoek of Radio Netherlands in a statement.
DRM is a digital radio technology for shortwave, medium-wave/AM and long-wave, with the ability to use existing frequencies and bandwidth below 30 MHz. Deutsche Welle also has announced participation in DRM’s inaugural broadcasts.