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Radio Netherlands To Take Over Some BBC Shortwave Frequencies(2)

Radio Netherlands To Take Over Some BBC Shortwave Frequencies

Beginning this Sunday, Radio Netherlands will broadcast to North America on all the frequencies being relinquished on same day by the BBC World Service.

“Short-wave remains the only direct way to share a full range of important issues with a loyal audience in the USA and Canada” says Radio Netherlands’ Director General Lodewijk Bouwens.

With more than 600 stations in North America broadcasting a broad range of music and documentary features, certain Radio Netherlands’ programs are already reaching listeners on FM in the USA and Canada. “But short-wave offers us the opportunity to share a much wider range of news and features at a convenient listening time. We can offer more depth and context than is allowed on domestic media, knowing that the audience has made that extra effort to tune in.

Bouwens says audio on the web is great at playing radio’s memory, offering a second chance to listen to a program transmitted earlier. But he says, the current streaming technology is useless at coping with the peak demands of serious live broadcasting.

Radio Netherlands is heard in English to North America every evening between 7:30-9:25 p.m. Eastern on 6165 and 9845 kHz. There is an additional one hour program primarily for the West Coast of North America at 9:30-10:25 pm Pacific on 6165 and 9590 kHz.