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Radio Never Leaves Your Blood

Reader was startled to see a familiar console

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the picture of “A Western Electric 25B Console” in the June 5 edition of Radio World. I was at KXXO(FM), thumbing through magazines while waiting for an appointment, when I came across your article.

That’s the very console I used for many of my years at KGY. I can still hear the “thud” of the two lower switches on the RCA transmitter in the background as I went through the sign-on procedure at 5:30 in the morning. I’d take the transmitter readings and then play the national anthem before starting my program.

I worked at KGY from 1959 until 2011. I started as the receptionist and was there when they opened their brand new state of the art studio in 1960. I managed to get an air shift. I finally got the morning show in 1965 and stayed there — same time, same station — for nearly 46-years. When I left, I was general manager as well as morning DJ.

My proudest moment was being named Washington State Broadcaster of the Year in 2001. I will always be grateful to radio pioneer Tom Olsen and his family for the many wonderful years I had at that station. As radio never leaves your blood, I’m still on the air part-time, doing special programs for KXXO(FM), another great radio station in Olympia, Wash.

Dick Pust
Sunday morning host
Olympia, Wash.