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Radio News and Website Profitability Is Up

Findings come from the latest research gathered by the Radio Television Digital News Association

Some better news to report for radio and web based newsrooms: profitability is up but their budgets are still flat. This comes from the latest research from the Radio Television Digital News Association.

The findings in “The Business of Radio News” say there is an uptick in radio stations reporting a profit from on-air news operations, and an uptick in the amount of news websites breaking even. However, the number of news websites reporting profits has slipped, but website profitability is close to an all-time high since 1999 when the RTDNA study started recording web numbers.

A release said, “The number of newsroom budgets that increased over last year rose almost three points, but newsrooms reporting decreased budgets rose by two points.”

It added that the top technology purchase for news organizations in the past year was newsroom software, computer hardware, and remote equipment.