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Radio News Listening Upped in Boston Following Bombings

Report indicates explosions changed listener��s media use during that week

Boston news and talk radio — including noncommercial WBUR(FM) and WGBH(FM), as well as CBS Radio’s WBZ(AM) — experienced dramatic audience growth the week of the Boston Marathon bombings.

That’s according to new data from the Radio Research Consortium, which says with the exception of the holiday on Monday, April 15, market-level listening for the news and talk stations was above average for the week. That listening for those stations continued to rise as the events of the week “intensified,” according to the report by RRC PPM Client Services ManagerDave Sullivan.

The three stations alone reached 24% of the market population on one day.

Not unexpectedly, music stations in the market did not fare so well, seeing their listening drop.