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Radio News Still First Choice for Zimbabwe

New poll shows third of Zimbabweans prefer to receive news from radio

Radio remains the top choice for many Zimbabweans over the likes of social media when it comes to getting news, says News 24. In a recent survey, it was revealed a third of the people polled prefer to get their news from the radio, with only 10 percent using social media for news every day.

The survey was conducted by the research group Afrobarometer in partnership with Zimbabwe’s Mass Public Opinion Institute. According to the survey, 33 percent of Zimbabweans listen to the radio every day, and another 28 percent listen a few times a week.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp., which is state-owned, is the predominant resource on the airwaves, but two private stations run by the Zanu-PF party have grown in popularity since they launched in 2012. Eight more stations were launched this year, all with ties to Zanu-PF.

The survey also reveals that 55 percent of the population never gets news from newspapers, while 75 percent do not rely on the Internet for their news.

The survey was conducted in November with 2400 participants.