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Radio Nova Launches New Digital Radio Channels

Irish broadcaster expands music stations, offers more choice

Radio Nova aims to appeal to its growing audience by launching new digital radio channels as part of an effort to raise awareness of the FM station, in addition to revenue for the Irish broadcaster.

The Dublin-based company says the initiative is a first for Irish commercial radio. Nova is releasing the branded music stations for its iPhone and Android apps, as well as its website and through Internet radio providers. Each caters to a specific genre — 80s, Beatles, Brit Pop, British Invasion, Chill, Classics, Irish Rock, Electronic 80s, Millertime from Marty Miller or Metal.

Nova CEO Kevin Branigan says that the 170,000 users who have already downloaded the Nova apps will be able to access music “at a click, focus exclusively on music and cost absolutely nothing.”

“The new digital channels represent an innovative way for us to provide content for our listeners,” said Nova Program Director Jeff O’Brien. “Our research shows us what our listeners want and our use of technology in this way is the perfect way to offer that bit more. The level of interest from listeners to date is very encouraging.”