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Radio One Places HD Radio/IBOC Order With Harris

Radio One Places HD Radio/IBOC Order With Harris

IBOC radio gets a boost this week on the hardware side. A top-10 group owner, Radio One Inc., has committed to a turnkey implementation of IBOC HD Radio at its stations in five major markets. The vendor is Harris Broadcast Communications Division.
Radio One is one of the broadcast groups with an ownership stake in Ibiquity Digital Corp., the company that developed HD Radio. Harris is also an investor in Ibiquity.
Harris said the purchase will include new Z-HD solid-state digital DAB transmitters and Dexstar AM/FM IBOC exciters for KKBT(FM) in Los Angeles; KBFB(FM) in Dallas; WBOT(FM) in Boston; WDMK(FM) in Detroit; and WHAT(FM) in Atlanta.
Radio One is the seventh-largest radio owner based on revenue; it has 65 stations in 22 markets. John Mathews is director of engineering.