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The EBU Readies for .radio Primary Launch

Will be open from Aug. 23 to Oct. 31

The primary launch phase of the European Broadcasting Union’s top-level “.radio” domain registrations begins on Aug. 23 and will be open until Oct. 31.

The global launch of the new domain for broadcaster unions; broadcast radio stations; internet radio stations; radio amateurs; DJs, radio hosts, news people and radio-related companies, is made up of three phases.

These are the pioneer program for promotional purposes, which began in February; the primary launch; and a general availability segment using a “first come first served” approach.

According to Alain Artero, EBU’s radio TLD manager, within the main launch, the EBU also will run a “landrush” period in which rules to register a domain will be slightly more flexible.

Artero said all domains created in this context need to be related to radio but can, for example, comprise radio programs or other ancillary services or products even if they are not directly linked to a radio company name.

“The coming launch is key for the radio community, the dot-radio team will seek to optimize domain name allocation and solve contentious issues, while ensuring authenticity of all dot-radio domains,” said Artero.

Domain prices run between €200 and €250 per domain each year for companies (roughly $236 to $295), with prices much lower for individuals at €25 ($29). To benefit from the lower price, the domain designation for individuals must derive from their name (for instance, and In the case of radio amateurs, it should be made up of their call sign (e.g.

The website has more information; the EBU effort also is active on Twitter (@getdotradio), LinkedIn and Facebook.

Those wishing to apply will be able to do so at once the launch commences.