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Radio Pulpit Begins DRM Trial

South African broadcaster is conducting test with Sentech and Broadcom International

The first Digital Radio Mondiale transmission (medium wave) generated in South Africa begins July 1, says the DRM Consortium.

Radio Pulpit will broadcast on 1440 kHz using a 25 kW transmitter. Covering greater Pretoria and parts of Johannesburg, the broadcast will feature up to two programs and will eventually offer all the extra features available via DRM, said the organization.

The station is conducting the trial, which runs until next year, in cooperation with South Africa network operator and DRM consortium member Sentech and Broadcom International. According to DRM, detailed trial data will be gathered, analyzed and made public toward the end of 2014. The results will be presented to the national regulator ICASA with the aim of a full license being granted.

The DRM South African platform, which launched June 25 in Pretoria, joins the Indian, Brazilian, German and other DRM national platforms.

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