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Radio Sales Folk Bone Up on Programmatic

It's an important topic for RAB during the Radio Show

“Programmatic” in U.S. broadcast radio is developing on two fronts: automation of the buying process, and the discovery of marketplace implications for buying inventory.

So says the Radio Advertising Bureau, which commissioned a white paper about programmatic trends that it is discussing here at the Radio Show in Atlanta. It was prepared by Prohaska Consulting.

Programmatic, in general, is a notable theme of the show this year. RAB President/CEO Erica Farber describes programmatic radio as being “at a tipping point … [that] is quickly beginning to impact our industry.”

The organization said the white paper finds that “is well positioned to grow in ways it has not traditionally,” but that programmatic “will require the radio business to continue to evolve.” It said programmatic capabilities are “key to enabling broadcast radio to grow its share of the overall media pie.” Further, “Sellers and buyers are learning equally across broadcast radio with a fast-developing ad tech ecosystem.”

RAB plans a webinar next week for its members in which the topic will be discussed.


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