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Radio Sales Gain Slightly in May

Radio Sales Gain Slightly in May

Modest sales gains that radio has been posting this year continued in May – with “modest” the key word.
According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, our industry saw a gain of 1% in local and national ad revenue compared to May of ’03. Local ad business, the bulk of radio revenue, was up 1% while national ticked down by the same percentage. For the year, overall revenue is 3% above last year’s pacing.
Thus the first five months of 2004 have continued the relatively flat performance that the industry posted in all of 2003, when radio revenue was up 1% for the year over ’02.
“The recovery continues to be without big energy, but comments from advertisers indicate that there is a lot of optimism for the fall on the planning table,” said Gary Fries, president/CEO of RAB.