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Radio Sales Groups Set Up Verification Program

Radio Sales Groups Set Up Verification Program

A two-tier verification program will help confirm the credibility of radio revenue figures, according to the RAB. The radio advertising trade association said an advisory body, made up of sales executives from several radio groups, and Miller Kaplan, Arase & Co. joined it in establishing the program, which consists of random verifications and the formation of a special-request task force.
Forty stations will be selected for on-site verification each quarter. “Procedures will include the agreeing of six months’ revenues as reported to the station’s underlying books and records and the referencing of contracts to establish that the station is at direct financial risk for all events for which NTR Non-Spot is being reported,” RAB said. “Focus will be on both the accuracy of the numbers reported and the propriety of revenue classification.”
Stations selected for random verification will receive a letter of notification and a minimum of two weeks to prepare for the on-site visit, which will take approximately 90 minutes, RAB stated. “Under Tier II, any report participant shall at any time have the right to request a specific verification if they have reason to believe that a competitor is out of compliance with the reporting guidelines.”
The Nationwide Market Revenue Measurement Advisory Committee is made up of radio executives from ABC Radio, Bonneville, Infinity, Clear Channel, Citadel, Cox, Cumulus Broadcasting, Emmis, Entercom, Next Media, Greater Media, the RAB, Radio One, Susquehanna Radio Corp., Saga and Spanish Broadcasting Systems.

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