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Radio Sawa Features Interactive Program

Radio Sawa Features Interactive Program

“Sawa Chat” is the latest offering from Radio Sawa. The new hourly interactive program allows listeners across the Middle East the opportunity to offer opinions on a variety of social issues. The feature is part of Radio Sawa’s new “Open Mind” public service campaign – “Read, Listen, Then Decide” – promoting independent thinking and free discussion.
“It’s part of the ‘You listen to us, we listen to you’ promise we made when we created Radio Sawa,” stated Norman Pattiz of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees the Arabic-language station. “Our mission is to promote freedom and democracy by encouraging open discussion and an exchange of views with our listeners.”
New research, meantime, shows Radio Sawa’s news credibility on an upswing. Edison Media Research conducted the study as part of an effort to track audience attitude toward news, music and overall station popularity.