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Radio Show Explores Connected Car

Arbitron, Strategy Analytics and Jacobs Media present on the state of the digital dash

For many consumers, cars and radios are inseparable, and the advancement of the connected car and the digital dashboard means that what a radio is and does is changing.

The Radio Show in Orlando will explore the future of in-vehicle enfotainment systems through a Super Session, “Radio and the Connected Car,” presented by Arbitron, Strategy Analytics and Jacobs Media. The session will give facts, figures, forecasts and strategies that explain the current connected car market and its future, as well as how these changes are projected to affect radio.

The presentation will be held Sept. 19 at 9:15 a.m. in the Gatlin Ballroom. The featured speakers are: Roger C. Lanctot, associate director for global automotive practice, Strategy Analytics; Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media. The introduction will be given by Arbitron’s Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Carol Hanley and Executive Vice President of Radio Service Innovation and Chief Research Officer Gregg Lindner.