Radio Show Tech Sessions Shape Up

Radio Show Tech Sessions Shape Up
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Digital radio's data applications are among the topics of tech sessions at the NAB Radio Show in Philly this fall.
Sessions being highlighted by NAB engineering staff include "AM Directional Antennas in a Digital World" with Ron Rackley and Ben Dawson; "Processing Audio for AM, FM and Digital Radio" with Frank Foti of Omnia Audio and Andy Laird of Journal Broadcast Group; "Data Technologies And Applications for Digital Radio" including Mike Starling of NPR and Joe D'Angelo of Ibiquity Digital; and "Measuring Broadcast Signals" with David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Lab.
Sessions count toward recertification by the SBE, which will also offer certification exams at the convention. The NRSC also meets concurrent with the convention.
Technical workshops are detailed here.


Tech Sessions Delve Into Digital

The NAB Radio Show is a place to see the latest processors, transmitters, console and other gear on the exhibit floor. It’s a good place to socialize with others in the industry, too.