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Radio Station Automation for $45

Radio Station Automation for $45

Fifth Dimension Studios of Copenhagen, Denmark has a free demo version of Broadcast Assistant Pro automation software. For $45, the software can be unlocked for unlimited capacity, whereas this demo version only allows users to build a playlist of three tracks.
A 200 MHz Pentium PC with one to four soundcards is required. The software can handle WAV, MPEG Layer II and III files as it uses Winamp as a Codec.
On the main screen, the software shows a database of all the sound files stored with the length and lead-in on each track, the year of the song and the last time it played. It also shows how much talk-time remains and creates fades.
The software has a graphical preview and cueing of mixes, and it can produce airplay charts/reports. Also, the software can automatically compile a program of music with the profile users enter.
Other features include an offset of the playlist start time, the edit mix screen for changing cross fade times and the properties window that show additional information about each track.
Go to for more information and to download the demo version.
Paul Cogan