Radio Stations Gather for Inspiration

Radio Stations Gather for Inspiration
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Staff from radio stations that broadcast inspirational music will be gathering at Inspo 2003 in St. Paul, Minn. June 25-28 for workshops, music and entertainment.
The convention, sponsored by the Skylight Network, will be held in partnership with the annual meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the National Religious Broadcasters. It will take place at Northwestern College.
Workshops will cover management, news, programming, contemporary music issues and other topics. Special events include a number of musical performances, plus a golf tournament, fishing contest and a trip to the Mall of America.


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Religious Managers Gather in Nashville

“We are very concerned about the implications for all non-profit broadcasters, radio, television, Web-based, all of them, because we feel this might be the beginning of an initiative for the federal government to step into all non-profit organizations, to look for roles for governance.”