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Radio Still Has a Role in New Music Discovery, Study States

Radio Still Has a Role in New Music Discovery, Study States

Traditional radio is still a significant source of new music information, even for teens, says Bridge Ratings.
The company said a study of music consumers “reflects continued satisfaction among a sample of 12-54-year-olds for the role terrestrial radio plays in new music discovery. … 45% of the 2,500 persons sampled mentioned terrestrial radio as their preferred destination for discovering new music over Internet radio and peer-to-peer sharing networks.”
Bridge, which provides audience measurement services for radio, found that when it comes to finding new music, “teens have a stronger affinity for online virtual community networks like and P2P trading than other demographics do, but a significant number of teens still discover new music through their current-based terrestrial radio stations.”
President Dave Van Dyke said Internet radio’s showing as a source for new music discovery fell in the past year, due to increased use among ages 12-34 of sites like MySpace and Napster for music information.
He said, “This study represents further proof that terrestrial radio’s current-based radio stations should continue to be proactive with exposing and identifying new music.” He also said satellite radio is not perceived or used as a new music discovery destination.