Radio: The Stealth Weapon

Often counted out in discussion of campaign media, radio has a few tricks
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Before we bury election news (wait for 4Q financials!), Jacobs Media’s ever-interesting Jacobs Media Blog points to a Politico story highlighting how radio is a “stealth weapon” for political campaigns.

In a blog entry called “Under the Radar,” Jacobs Media provided its take on Josh Gerstein’s piece, “Radio: The Other Air War.”

Writing the day before the election, Jacobs noted that at the end of the campaign that both the Obama and Romney teams had increasingly turned to radio in the late innings “for a variety of strategic and tactical reasons.”

But the real takeaway is this: “Gerstein’s article is a sales piece for every radio station in America, especially during the next campaign cycle where radio will hopefully be even more proactive in securing advertising dollars nationally, statewide, and in local markets.”

Jacobs notes that the Politico piece singles out radio for being highly targetable for hitting niche audiences with precise campaign messages. It also points out that radio is a cheap way into a mass market and to hit audiences that might not react to TV messages.


The Value of Radio Screens

RDS RadioText has been used for a decade or more now to display "now playing" information on the receiver screen. Most implementations of digital radio expand and build on such uses for metadata, however, and many stations are still trying to figure out how best to use the screen that comes with many DAB receivers.