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Radio Veronica Overpaid for Frequency

Ruling from the Dutch business tribunal comes after years of complaints

Dutch commercial station Radio Veronica, owned by Telegraph Media Group, paid too much for its FM frequency, according to College van Beroep, the appeals board of the business tribunal.

The station reportedly paid more than €20 million to broadcast on its allotted space on the airwaves from 2011 to 2017.

On January 9, the tribunal ruled that the frequency estimation made by the Ministerie van Economische Zaken (Ministry of Economic Affairs) was inadequate. College van Beroep states that the calculation does not reflect the fact that Veronica bought a ”special stipulations package” — in which the broadcaster is only allowed to air oldies pop music.

The Ministry has now determined — but not yet disclosed — a new price for the frequency

The Radio Veronica procedure comes partially in response to criticism of the fee calculation process, which some say has been inaccurate since 2011. The Appeals Tribunal has not yet ruled in two similar cases challenging frequency package payments.

— Hans Knot