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Radio Vets Form Syndication Network

First offering is a midday music show with Valier Smith

Radio consultant Gary Berkowitz and JAM Creative Productions owner Jonathan Wolfert are obviously not afraid to sail into the wind. They see the radio broadcast industry’s current turmoil as an opportunity to launch a new program syndication company, 1330 Networks.

First offering from 1330 Networks is “Valier at Work,” a midday music-driven program hosted by former KVIL(FM) talent Valier Smith.

Berkowitz said the economy suggests this is a good time to syndicate a show that “could run all day on an AC station… Our goal is to have Valier affiliates be number one with at-work listening.”

The show will originate from JAM’s studios in Dallas. JAM is a jingle and program producer, operating since 1974. Wolfert said, “Even though economic times are tough for radio right now, I don’t think that listeners expect any less from their favorite stations.”