Radio World Offers Digital Subscriptions to International Subscribers

International and Latin American editions will be available electronically
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Subscribers to the international edition of Radio World have a new delivery option. Starting with the April 2009 issues of Radio World International and Radio World América Latina, the newspapers will be published as a "digital edition." We will continue to print and mail physical issues, but the digital edition will offer speedier delivery via e-mail, as well as increased utility.

A digital version of the U.S. edition of Radio World has been available for several years now, and copies are archived at

The digital version is Flash based and is viewable through a standard Web browser. It is possible to page through the newspaper as if it were print, or you can directly to a story from the table of content or a front-cover mention. Hyperlinks within the issue, both in text and advertisements, are live, making it simple to jump from a story or advertisement to a source for additional information.

Clicking on a story or page, increases the text size, and the reader tool allows for even greater levels of zoom to accommodate eyes of all ages.

Pages can be printed out to share with colleagues or saved, and stories can be e-mailed or linked to from other Web sites. It is also possible to save a local copy of the issue to your desktop for archival purposes or for reading when an Internet connection is not available.

Each month when a new edition is published, Radio World will send an e-mail notifying you of the new issue.

To sign up for the digital version, visit and click on the link for the appropriate subscription option.


Radio World Launches Digital Edition

As we embark on our 31st year, I’m delighted to announce that the large, loyal community of RW readers and advertisers now can enjoy every issue of Radio World and RW Engineering Extra online in a new digital edition, even as they continue to receive it in print.