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Radio Zet Selects Audessence RDS Encoders

Polish broadcaster invests in equipment for its TMC data project

Commercial radio network in Poland Radio Zet has ordered more than sixty Audessence RDS encoders for its Traffic Message Channel project.

The project follows a technical trial of the RDS Pro-1 encoder in conjunction with data from Prague-based CE-Traffic, a provider of real-time traffic information services.

TMC is a technology for delivering the information directly to drivers. With suitable encoders it can be added to the RDS data stream on existing FM stations, extending coverage over large areas. It allows silent delivery of dynamic information in text format without conflicting with the existing broadcast audio service, says Audessence. When integrated into a navigation system, the data is promptly incorporated into route calculations.

“Radio stations can generate additional revenues by providing carriage of the TMC data, leveraging their existing transmission infrastructure to offer extremely rapid deployment along with perfectly targeted coverage to mobile users in cars,” Managing Director Martin Spencer said. “The synergy with broadcast radio’s existing activities and consumer base is fantastic.”