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Radio/Audio Veterans Form New Venture

Radio/Audio Veterans Form New Venture

Several familiar names in the technology marketplace have formed a new venture and hope to introduce their first product for radio stations and networks at the upcoming NAB convention.
The company name is 25-Seven Systems Inc. Its president is Geoff Steadman, known for his advocacy of the CartChunk audio file interchange standard and his work as product manager for the Orban Audicy and DSE 7000 workstations.
Also involved:
Derek Pilkington, former president of Studer Professional Audio AG and Orban and vice president of operations and engineering for AKG;
Rick Sawyer, a technology project management consultant who has worked in sales and products at Orban, IGM Communications, Radio Systems and Gentner Communications;
Neil Glassman of Cowan Communications, who has held management positions at Digigram, Telos Systems and Bradley Broadcast;
Barry Demchak, a software developer, consultant and expert witness now with Torrey Pines Software;
Barry Blesser, developer of the first commercial digital reverb for EMT in 1976 and former chief technology officer for Studer and past president of the AES.
The company Web site is