RadioDNS Project Building Interest

Effort to link broadcast, IP worlds is gaining momentum
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The RadioDNS project, an effort to plan for and take advantage of the convergence between broadcast and Internet technologies, is moving forward.

RadioDNS, which was explained in the June issue of the international edition of Radio World, seeks to create and embeddable pseudo-domain that can connect a radio station across its various platforms — analog, digital and online.

The system has been in an informal alpha testing phase since late 2008 and the standard is currently at version 0.6. A version 0.7 update will be published in a few weeks, and version 1.0 is slated for publication around September 2009.

Examples of RadioDNS in action have been described on the BBC RAD Blog, and Global Radio is using RadioDNS in its iPhone and Symbian mobile applications.

Next for the project are plans to assemble a project steering team to put together formal rules for running RadioDNS and providing a permanent service.


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Award-Winner: RadioDNS

It uses info already being broadcast to create a pseudo-domain that can point the receiver to your station and its advertising