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RadioDNS Seeks Input on RadioTAG

Feature is designed to facilitate interactivity, but questions about revenue handling need to be addressed

The RadioDNS project, which is finding ways to bridge IP-delivered content with over-the-air analog and digital radio, is moving ahead with the specifications for RadioTAG. The project is now seeking input from those with commercial or business development responsibility, as well as input from commercial/private radio stations, about how revenues generated via RadioTAG should be dispersed.

RadioTAG is designed to let listeners mark interesting content — songs, news, commentary, advertising. The tags could be used simply as a “Like” button to let a station know that the listener likes the content, or it could be used to spur greater interaction with listeners.

The RTAG01 Technical Specification is still in a draft stage, but some members of the working group are looking at how RadioTAG could be used to generate new revenues from listeners, which could be split between broadcasters and device manufacturers.

In the interest of an open discussion, RadioDNS is forming a new working group, RadioTAG Commercial, which will examine the commercial possibilities for RadioTAG as well as revenue sharing questions.

To join the group, contact Andy Buckingham at [email protected]. The group hopes to hold its first meeting in early May.