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Radiofonia Digitale Sardegna Forms in Italy

The new consortium encourages DAB+ expansion in provinces of Cagliari, Nuoro, Ogliastra and Carbonia-Iglesias

The association of local TV and radio broadcasters in Italy, Aeranti-Corallo has announced the establishment of a new consortium of local stations designed to encourage the development of digital radio in Sardinia. The stations cover the provinces of Cagliari, Nuoro, Ogliastra and Carbonia-Iglesias.

Dr. Fabrizio Lucca serves as director of the newly formed Radiofonia Digitale Sardegna, which represents the continuation of Aeranti-Corallo’s process of assisting its member stations in the transition toward digital radio.

Local stations that make up the consortium include Radio Sintony, Radio Cuore, Radio Mater Isole, Radio Carmine, Radio Boomerang Studio 2000, Radio Maristella, Radio Santuario di Bonaria, Radio Evangelo Sardegna, Radio La Voce, Radio Kalaritana and Radio Televisione Barbagia.

“Local radio stations intend to be protagonists in the new digital landscape,” said Marco Rossignoli, Aeranti-Corallo coordinator. “Aeanti-Corallo supports its member companies in this demanding technological challenge and assists a number of consortiums that have been established in this regard.”