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Radio-Friendly Skype?

BBC engineer offers a few tips for radio use

Steve Martin of the BBC is offering some tips on using Skype in an on-air radio environment in “Six Tips for Using Skype on the Radio.”

Martin notes that Skype usage increases daily and also that more stations are using the Internet-based phone service as a substitute for telco-based phone interfacing.

“Skype’s increasing use is good for listeners. At its best, a contribution over Skype can sound far clearer than a telephone or even an ISDN call.”

The tips can be summarized as putting good sound on the air and keeping bad sound off the air. He picks out using a good headset-based microphone and headphone combination for getting consistent sound and keeping acoustic reflections out. He also digs down and warns about Skype’s auto-processing and recommends utilizing the system’s manual mic controls.

Other tips are aimed at shutting unwanted sounds down. He reminds users to turn off the various alarms and notifications on their computer and on Skype. Not to be forgotten is to shut down Skype’s bandwidth-devouring video arm and any other bandwidth hogs in and around the studio. The more available bandwidth, the better the sound.

Read it here.

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