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Radioio, Moontaxi Gain in Net Ratings

Radioio, Moontaxi Gain in Net Ratings

The names of the top Internet radio networks are familiar in the new Arbitron MeasureCast ratings for the month of December – although there was some jostling in the lower ranks of the top 10.
Clear Channel Worldwide, MusicMatch and StreamAudio were again first, second and third. But the gap between Clear Channel and MusicMatch, as measured by total time spent listening, narrowed.
Meanwhile, Warp Radio moved from fifth to fourth in the rankings, switching position with Radio Free Virgin. Internet Radio Inc. held at No. 6.
StreamGuys jumped from 10th to 7th, Moontaxi, which wasn’t ranked last month, came up to 8th, while SurferNetwork held at 9th and Virgin Radio fell to 10th from 7th.
ABC Radio, last month’s No. 9, didn’t make the top 10 networks this month.
MusicMatch Artist Match was the top individual channel with 1.18 million hours of TTSL. Radioio jumped from 4th to the No. 2 position. JazzFM was ranked third.