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RadioMan Incorporated by BBC

RadioMan Incorporated by BBC

BBC has awarded a £4.5 million ($6,583,950 US) contract to Jutel, a developer of large digital broadcasting systems, to install RadioMan Radio Station Management technology together with IBM Netfinity servers and Intellistations into 26 BBC English Regions Local Radio Stations. This project is designed to create a decentralized Computer Assisted Radio system consisting of over 1000 workstations.
The BBC selected the IBM and Jutel partnership after an analysis of systems and offers through the EU procurement procedures.
Installation of RadioMan started in December 2000. The project is slated for completion by the end of 2001.
During the past two years Jutel and IBM implemented the RadioMan solution at BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Latin Services (part of the World Service operation) and BBC Radio 1 Urban Network. Most recently, they have completed the first phase of a Network Audio System for BBC Wales.
The RadioMan is designed to perform scheduling, program service, content production, versioning and broadcasting of programs to multiple output channels like FM, AM, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), Satellite, Web and 3G.
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