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Radionomy Comes to U.S.

Personalized audio streaming service updates platform, features

Radionomy is similar to Pandora, except that it started in Europe. Now the service that enables users to create their own personalized online radio stations is coming here.

We wrote recently that Radionomy is opening a San Francisco office for its U.S. base of operations.

The company says consumers have used Radionomy to create more than 6,000 new online radio stations, and the service has attracted more than 13 million unique listeners elsewhere.

Company VP Business Development Thierry Ascarez made the point to Radio World that Radionomy selections are not created by an algorithm, but real people are behind the music choices for all of its streamed programming. That’s how he differentiated his company’s service from Pandora or Spotify.

Radionomy manages online broadcasting, live functions, author/content licensing and scheduling. It also provides a content library of 80,000 songs and other items, audience reporting metrics, and storage for programmers who want to provide their own songs.

Radionomy is free and Web-based, so consumers use a simple dashboard to manage their station. The company also offers consumers a way to monetize their stations, with creators of the most popular stations able to make up to the equivalent of some $5,000 a month through paid advertising, according to Thierry.