Radio-Ready Cell Phones Will Be Displayed at Convention

Embedded antenna technology projects included
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Cell phones with FM functionality will be showcased at the Radio Show convention this week in Washington.

An exhibit in the Grand Hyatt also will include information on embedded FM radio antennas, according to this week’s NAB Tech Check newsletter. The showcase will feature the Nokia 5030 and the Motorola ROKR EM35 as well as phones from Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

In most current phones with FM radio, the headset cord doubles as the FM antenna, the newsletter reminds readers; a more elegant solution is to embed the antenna in the case of the phone. Those Nokia and Motorola GSM models have embedded FM antennas, but neither is offered by a U.S. cellular carrier, according to NAB.

Three embedded antenna manufacturers, Antenova, Ethertronics and The Technology Partnership, will have information describing their embedded projects. The latter two, with funding help from the NAB’s FASTROAD technology advocacy program, are working on advanced embedded antenna designs for handheld FM radio and mobile DTV (low-and high-VHF and UHF frequencies) applications.

Also at the Showcase, Global Security Systems will talk about its Alert FM radio-based alert system. Last week, we reported that GSS and EAS encoder/decoder maker Sage Alerting Systems announced an agreement to work together.


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