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Radio’s June Numbers Up

Radio’s June Numbers Up

The RAB reports that June, 2001 sales figures have rebounded slightly from May numbers.
While May, the month of the toughest comparisons, was down 9% combined local and national, June’s numbers were off 8% combined.
National sales are still the worst off, as they have been throughout the year, with June decline of 21%. This is up a point from the May numbers report, as compared to same month 2000 numbers. Local sales dipped 4% in June, compared to 5% in May.
“Radio’s core business remains solid,” said RAB President/CEO Gary Fries. “Radio’s foothold remains in the local marketplace where business is currently healthier than on the national front. As national stabilizes, all indicators point to a turn toward positive growth for Radio in 4th Quarter of 2001.”