Radio’s June Numbers Up

Radio’s June Numbers Up
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The RAB reports that June, 2001 sales figures have rebounded slightly from May numbers.
While May, the month of the toughest comparisons, was down 9% combined local and national, June’s numbers were off 8% combined.
National sales are still the worst off, as they have been throughout the year, with June decline of 21%. This is up a point from the May numbers report, as compared to same month 2000 numbers. Local sales dipped 4% in June, compared to 5% in May.
“Radio’s core business remains solid,” said RAB President/CEO Gary Fries. “Radio’s foothold remains in the local marketplace where business is currently healthier than on the national front. As national stabilizes, all indicators point to a turn toward positive growth for Radio in 4th Quarter of 2001.”